Do you have questions concerning medications, nutritional supplements, or hormone balance?  With the many sources of information available today, it may be difficult to decide what is truth and what is hype. Our experienced pharmacists are available for private consultations to help answer your questions.  Consultation topics include, but are not limited to:

Hormone replacement therapy, for both men and women
Thyroid replacement therapy and management
Adrenal re-balancing
Medication and supplement review (drug and nutrient interactions, side effects, dosages, etc.)

We specialize in providing counseling to women and men concerning customized bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Information on hormone testing, explanation of the multiple roles hormones play in our bodies for both symptom relief and possible anti-aging benefits is provided. A thorough patient history is taken along with symptoms, previous diagnoses, consideration of current prescriptions, supplements, and test results before a customized recommendation for therapy is provided to you and/or your physician. We work with men and women of all ages and life-stages, from hypogonadism to andropause in men, from PMS to  peri-menopause, osteoporosis and menopause in women.

Call or email us today and let us know how we can help you along your path to good health!  Consultations are by appointment only and are held in person or by telephone; whichever is more convenient for our patient.
For more information or to initiate a consultation, please contact us by phone at (570)888-2394 or toll-free (800)375-4056.  
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